Welcome to It Rolls™


This is the new home of the former Car Lust™ blog. We here at It Rolls™ will try our best to continue in the grand tradition of the former Car Lust™ blog and bring you our thoughts on, well, anything with wheels (mostly) that happens to strike our fancy, from the most modern and technologically advanced cars the world has to offer to the lowly people movers of years gone by.

The good and the bad.

The famous and the forgotten.

The weird and the wonderful.

And every car, truck, motorcycle, and overused metaphor in between.

Since the former Car Lust™ blog has now gone to that great Recycle Bin in the sky, we will be sprinkling some of our old posts in here with new ones and hopefully reacquaint you, dear readers, with some of our favorite cars that we’ve covered in the past.

Again, welcome to It Rolls™!

(Photo can be found here among many others.)

3 thoughts on “Welcome to It Rolls™

    • We have a sort of joint ownership of the content where we are indeed free to use it ourselves. So some of it will be recycled here. We’re frankly still working on those sorts of details.


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