Family Days Car Show, Streetsboro, Ohio, 7/31/16

It was rather hot and humid last Sunday, but the cars on display at the city of Streetsboro’s “Family Days” were pretty cool.


If you go to a summer cruise-in or car show in Northeast Ohio, there are certain things you can count on seeing every time.  For instance, “Shoebox” Chevys,…

…1960s musclecars, including the compulsory Pontiac,…

…Mustangs of various vintages,…

…and at least one museum-grade Model A.


We also had a couple of examples  of that midwestern manly-man’s favorite, the second generation F-body Camaro, …

…and there was something of a run on weaponized G-body personal luxury coupes.  The interior of the Monte Carlo SS was particularly sharp.

As you probably guessed from the photo at the top of this post, there was a large selection of street rods and customs, and even a rat rod or two thrown in for good measure.

While I’m not much of a street rod conesseur, there were two that really caught my eye.  This bright green pickup was exceptionally sharp, eye-catching, yet tastefully understated.


The best of the bunch was this delicious little woody wagon.


The paneling was a work of art.


I chatted briefly with the owner, who had every reason to be proud of his creation.  I didn’t think to ask what his day job is, but if he’s not building fine furniture for a living, he’s missed his calling.

We were also treated to a good selection of old-school restorations,…

..including this immaculate ’60 Buick Invicta, a masterpiece of overstyling.


A few race cars were also on display,…

…including this delightful dirt track warrior.


Now for the really fun stuff.  We’ll start with the chopped and channeled Cowboy Cadillac.


We had a Volvo 1800, world’s sportiest station wagon,…

…an exquisite hard-tail Indian in the motorcycle department,…



…a weaponized K-car,…


…the world’s most dangerous lawn tractor,…


…mild custom street-rodded semi trucks (seriously!),…


…and a well-executed Nissan tuner car, which took first place in the Fish-Out-Of-Water category.

No, that’s not a real Shelby Daytona, it’s a reproduction, but it was still one of the coolest things there.

This 1929 REO Flying Cloud “Jalopy,” owned by Chet Jones, is a bit hard to classify.  A rat rod?  An art car?  Well, whatever it is, it’s certainly attention-getting–it left the show with the People’s Choice trophy.

The competition for the ItRolls Questionable Car Trophy was spirited.  While this disco-era Mercury Cougar was a serious contender,…


…it pales in comparison to this waterbed-equipped boogie van.


When I was growing up, some of the houses in my neighborhood had shag carpeting like this.

Those of you who are too young to have experienced the 1970s can never fully appreciate just how lucky you are.

–Mike (Cookie the Dog’s Owner)


2 thoughts on “Family Days Car Show, Streetsboro, Ohio, 7/31/16

  1. My spine hurts just looking at that Indian! And while opulent, a waterbed in a van is pure insanity. I rode to Jr. High every day in a similar van (and many a Boy Scout campout too!). Shag carpet, speakers mounted in the rear from the ceiling, nothing to really hold onto when riding in the back so you just slid everywhere plowing into the other kids if you turned fast or stopped unexpectedly. The dual doors on the side and the doors in the rear made it a dream for getting in and out of quickly though. And there’s nothing quite like 200 miles of looking out that round bubble window in the back.


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