1972-1976 Volkswagen SP2

VW-SP2_895225iWhile searching images for another post, I stumbled on this car by accident.  I had never heard of an SP2… and now I’d love to have one.

But I’d probably have a better chance of going to Mars than getting one.  Only 670 of them left their home in Brazil, and none of them ever came to the United States as new cars.

That racy bodywork included a rear-mounted engine under a hatchback lift gate.  Not an easy trick to design, I’m sure.  And it’s got to be safe… look at all that front crush space.  The only styling reservation I might have is that I think a little more time should have been spent on the grille-less front end… though it does grow on one after a while.  And just imagine some rallye or fog lights there.

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