Wings & Wheels 9/25/16

t-bird-and-bird-birdThe 6th annual “Wings and Wheels” car and airplane show at the Medina (Ohio) Airport was the biggest yet: the PA announcer claimed that there were 800 vehicles on display, and if he was exaggerating he wasn’t exaggerating by much.


Here’s some of what I saw.

The cars in attendance went well beyond the ’57 Chevys and Mustangs and other “usual suspects” you see at Ohio car shows.

For example, sitting side by side by the taxiway we had a Lamborghini Jarama, a ’55 Willys coupe, and the inevitable museum-grade Model A.  How’s that for diversity?

That Lambo wasn’t the only exotic high-end sports car in attendance, either.  How often do you see a Lambo, a Pantera, and a 928 parked within a hundred yards of each other?

There was a larger than normal British delegation…

…escorted by a Royal Air Force Military Police Jeep.


On Her Majesty’s service.

Also present: a large number of well-done tuner cars….

…including a low, low, lowriding GTI Mark VI.


“How low can he go?”

We were also treated to a selection of street rods and customs…

…and even a rat rod or two.


“You’re mad, mad, all of you, mad, I say!”

There seemed to be something of a run on magnificently-restored mid-century Fords.

But it wasn’t just Fords.  This 1933 REO Coupe was an absolute masterpiece, it looked as though it had just been delivered to the dealership.


How much of a time capsule was it? If it had a radio, you could’ve tuned in to FDR’s fireside chats.

The museum-grade 1937 Packard was just as impressive.


Ask the man who owns one.

I was also really captivated by this first-generation RX-7.  I’ve always thought these were beautiful cars, and the two-tone paint really set it off.


I would’ve liked to take this rotary for a spin.

A platoon of military vehicle enthusiasts showed up and brought this imposing “Carrier, Personnel Half-track M3A1” and towed Bofors “40 mm Automatic Gun M1.”


Lots of vehicles have a sunroof, but not many have a sunroof accessorized with  “Ma Deuce” –a Browning M2HB heavy machine gun.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t show you some of the airplanes on display.


A Cessna U206 Stationair, general aviation’s answer to the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser.


The Pitts Special stunt plane is kind of like a Ferrari with biplane wings.


Two “Cubs”–the one nearest the camera is a modern day Carbon Cub EX kit plane; the other is an original Piper J3 Cub in its signature “Cub yellow” livery.


The ERCO Ercoupe was designed in the late 1930s as a low-cost “entry level” private plane with simplified controls and extremely benign flying characteristics.  The twin tail is kinda cool, too.

If you had $160 to spare, you could get a short ride around Medina County in this Boeing PT-17 “Stearman” biplane.

When I do a post on a car show, I like to end by bestowing the “Questionable Car Award” on something funky from the 1970s.  At this particular show, the participants were of such high quality that I thought the “trophy” would have to go un-bestowed. Just as I  was about to give up on the idea, a very friendly gentleman rolled in with an honest-to-disco Ford Fairmont and saved the day.


They didn’t call ’em “Squaremonts” for nothing!

–Mike (Cookie the Dog’s Owner)

2 thoughts on “Wings & Wheels 9/25/16

  1. I’ve never seen a Fairmont so stripped down… no bumper strips, padded vinyl roof, or tinted glass. But thank goodness its hood ornament survived.


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