Great(ish) Commercials – Style Never Goes Out Of Style… Allegedly

I’ve wanted to tear into this commercial from the moment I saw it. I chose the longer version for further dismemberment.

Given that the Toyota Corolla turned 50, it seems sort of fitting to revisit this commercial. This post was originally published in on September 27, 2014. The  original video was deleted and had to be replaced with an exact duplicate, but the author’s opinion is still intact.

0:02 – I legitimately thought that was a clip from back then.

0:17 – I have to watch more old school Soul Train vids, they’re a riot! And that TE37 Corolla SR5 doesn’t look out of place there front and center.

0:25 – A U.S.-spec Toyota Corolla hatchback with late model (kouki) Japanese domestic market bumpers?! UNACCEPTABLE!! You’d think that Toyota USA could track down one with the correct bumpers. Is it that hard? Or, could it be that all clean hatchbacks have had theirs ditched? Moving on…

0:26 – Break-dancing, boomboxes, skateboarders, lightning special f/x, Herbie Hancock’s Rock It… too… many… tragically accurate… 1980s stereotypes…!

0:31 – The f…?!

0:32 – Who parked their Grandma’s car in the middle of the stage?!

0:32.5 – Seriously, can you think of a car that’s less Grunge-y than a 7th-gen Corolla?

0:35 – Wait… they skipped, like, two generations! Come to think of it, they skipped the entire New Millennium!

0:36 – Flash mob.

0:37 – The new Corolla is supposed to bring (solid) color into our lives? Break away from the ordinary? I’ve heard that before, but with the 2nd-gen RAV4… and the Toyota Matrix…

0:43 – Is that like a ‘reverse worm’? That’s dope.

0:45 – I must find out the song and artist (Orion by Shy Kidx)…

0:48 – Now THAT was awesome!

0:54 – Wait. Did they just do the ‘Toyota jump’?!

It’s not that I hate the commercial, nor the car. Personally, I’m rather indifferent about the car. Yes, the style of the new car is more aggressive, and around here, they’ve been selling like hot-cakes for a number of reasons. But while Toyota has produced handsome Corollas in its run, they cannot claim that their bread-and-butter nameplate has always been associated with style. Lest we forget, there were many body styles carrying the Corolla name, and not all of them were the last word on style. Everyone fondly remembers the coupe and hatchback versions of the 5th-gen Corollas, but how many do the same for the sedan? Yes, it’s unrealistic to include all the variations –in this case for the U.S. market- but still… And as I’ve pointed out, they’ve completely skipped the New Millennium Corollas, and many would argue about the 7th and 8th gens of the 1990s are hallmarks of style. This is the main reason why I label this commercial ‘Great-ish’ rather than ‘Great’.



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