Great(ish) Commercials: Love Today/Today Is Pretty Great

Our very own Mike (Cookie the Dog’s Owner) was cross-shopping for a new car. A 9th-gen Honda Civic was in the cards. It reminded the author of this post written for back in February 4, 2015. The post remains largely unchanged.

This is the print advertisement that is supposed to entice Gen-Y/Millennials and me to consider buying a new Honda Civic.



*turns the other way to the defunct Scion (now just Toyota) dealer*


I found that ad in a magazine. I forgot there was a car there, did you? You know Honda is getting desperate when they employ the following as things to love about today (allow me to explain some that I know):

  • Lolcats (the Internet’s favorite animal)
  • Nyan Cat (when a simple animation out of a random idea gets taken too far…)
  • An owl (perhaps because of the O RLY? Owl… or because of Harry Potter. Nah, definitely the meme)
  • Guys in horse masks
  • A Corgi? The only thing that comes to mind is that lobster suit dog. Why didn’t they just go with Doge, the Shiba Inu?
  • Tyrannosaurus rex (the memes they appear in may go out of style, but they don’t and that’s not a bad thing)
  • Huge, look-at-me headphones (less of a hearing device, more of a fashion statement. Tsk, tsk)
  • Adventure Time (a cartoon show that has been popular with people that aren’t kids for a number of reasons. Whatever. I still don’t like it)
  • ASIMO robot pipe dream
  • Mouse cursors (well, they are pretty important, but nothing new)
  • Cheap image manipulation tricks (I can tell because of the pixels)
  • Future Internet addicts in-training Generation Z
  • The Mars Rover and Mars itself (OK, that one’s pretty cool. I’ll give it a pass)
  • *squints eyes* Is that the International Space Station?

Really, Honda? Is this the best you could do? Most of these can be lumped together in just a couple of categories, predominantly it’s all about technology and Internet meme randomness. I get that technology plays an ever-increasing role in our lives and they want/need to appeal to Gen Y through it, but come on… Can’t we name more stuff than this?

Their commercial is slightly more tolerable. I saw the 30 second version, but then I discovered the long version:

0:00-0:30 – I’ll give ‘em credit for the use of different motion picture clips (news reels, cartoons, etc.).

0:37 – Well, when you do get your driver’s license, that truly is a reason to love (that) day.

0:48 – Science, OK. Selfies? NO (remember kids, self-portraits are nothing new, only the gadgets are.).

0:55 – That beard… But being accepted for who you are is relative to the time and place where the individual resides. That is something that can’t be pinpointed to ‘today’ only.

1:00 – I’ve read that those Laura Maust view numbers were doctored for the commercial.

1:06 – Goths? They still exist?!

1:21 – I didn’t understand.

1:23 – More to see and more to do only works in relation to where one lives… or how much fuel one can afford.

1:26 – Adventure Time? Ugh…

1:34 – A Civic needed to have its tire screech sound replaced by a studio sound sample.

1:44 – I refuse to take advice on how great things are today from someone wearing a virtual reality helmet.

1:50-1:55 – Wait, an actual list of stuff that one can truly say that today is pretty great?! They should have added some of this to the 30-second version and in some way to the printed ad!

2:00 – *gasps* Goths again! They’re coming back! I’ll alert the IUCN so they can take ‘em off the endangered species list!

2:18 – Adventure Time again. If it wasn’t for the fact that Honda partnered up with them for this sponsorship, I would’ve demanded to see My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I bet some of you are wondering that if I dislike these ads so much, then why didn’t I label it as ‘Not-So Great’ instead? Trust me, I wanted to. But first, I couldn’t just be all biased and go all-out ranting. Second, while looking for the opening pic, there was some info as to why the Love Today/Today Is Pretty Great were chosen as the banner titles for the campaign: optimism.

It’s pretty easy for my generation to be not okay with how things are going. And is especially so in my country, but I’m not gonna go into that. This isn’t just a generational thing, but a human trait as well that one focuses on the black spot on an otherwise blank canvas, relatively speaking. So I thank Honda for taking the time to remind us that among the bad, there’s good… just like these ads.

And if you can afford a new Honda Civic today, then today is definitely pretty great.







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