The “Spirit of America” Chevrolets: El Camino, Impala, Nova, and Vega

SOA Vega posterIf anybody remembers our Nation’s Bicentennial Year, then they remember these limited edition cars. 1976 seemed to start out like most any other year, except we had “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour” to suffer through.  But thankfully “Charlie’s Angels” gave us some great models to gave at, and the cars weren’t bad either.

So in 1974, a couple of years ahead of schedule and maybe to boost sales, Chevrolet sold a really nice trim package on their El Camino, Impala, Nova, and Vega models.  Some dealers may have added this trim to other Chevy car and truck models as well.

SoA InteriorThe cars were painted white with red and blue stripes and “Spirit of America” emblems; the insides had white seats, red carpeting.  They were not featured in the sales brochures that year, and getting detailed information on all of them has been a bit tricky.

So let’s just look at a few images of these cars:

SOA El Camino

This El Camino may be the rarest of the “Spirit of America” Chevrolets.


A “Spirit of America” Impala was a two-door pillarless hardtop.

SoA Nova

The “Spirit of America” Nova Hatchback had a black vinyl half roof.

Nova SoA

And the Nova’s cargo area was large enough to watch the fireworks from.

SOA Vega

The ’74 Vega Hatchback may have looked its best in this trim.

If I had my pick of the four, would anybody be surprised if I chose the Nova?  The El Camino is just not me, the Impala is too big, and, well, the Vega…

–Chuck Lynch

Image Credits:  The “Spirit of America Vega” poster is from  Our “Spirit of America” Impala interior shot came from  The  El Camino image was found at  The Impala photo came  from  The “Spirit of America” Nova picture is from  The inside view of the modified Nova Hatchback photo was found at  And the “Spirit of America” Vega image came from

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