Teardrop Trailers

TDT 1This time of year, many cities host their annual RV and Boat Shows.  And not only do these events get one out of a dreary house and after-holidays mood, but they also show us consumers the latest in creative packagings for the open road.

There are the mighty motor coaches and travel trailers, of course.  And at the other end of this spectrum, I’d like to present one of the least-known and lesser-used forms of RV travel and camping ever… the mighty mini Teardrop Trailer. Continue reading


Santa’s Got Some Help This Year…

2017 was a tough year, wasn’t it? That’s why Santa needed some help to spread all that much-needed Christmas cheer around!

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If these four are what Santa is counting on, I can’t imagine what the Three Kings have as a helping hand!

From us over here at ItRolls, we wish you all Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!





Mazinger Angels manga (highly recommended) pic: mangakakalot.com

The Car That Is On The TITANIC (A 1912 Renault Coupe deVille)

DSC_0560It was 20 years ago today (December 19, 1997) that James Cameron’s epic “Titanic” hit the big screens.  And yes, that’s my original ticket stub from the movie.  So as a nod, here’s a somewhat out of date post from April, 2012, from Car Lust, our old blog:


Titanic Car TitanicI’ll confess right now that I’m a “rivet counter,” a person with a deep interest in Titanic and all about her.  I’ve been to four Titanic exhibits in two different cities, built models of her appearance in both 1912 and 1986, I’ve written Dr. Robert Ballard (He actually wrote back twice), and I’ve seen the movie way too many times.

This weekend, of course, is the 100-year mark of her sinking.  She hit the iceberg at 11:40 PM local time on April 14th, and sank at 2:20 AM on the 15th.  As a stroke of luck, I should be in New York City right about now (April 14 & 15, 2012), and hopefully will see some notable events in the city of her destination, as well as tour the 2012 New York Auto Show. Continue reading

Baby Driver, a review:

Normally I review more obscure movies or those that seem like they could use some help, but given that I was in quite a unique situation that led to a double feature of two contemporary movies, how could I not?

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Spoiler alert: The Dodge Challenger you see in the above promo material does nothing in the movie to make your heart pump… aside from looking awesome. Even with red neons underneath. I did not make that up.

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a driver, one of the best there is, having been behind the wheel since he was a little orphan. His boss, Doc (Kevin Spacey), knows this better than anyone, as he took this once-car robber under his wing after seeing what he could do. While Baby (that’s his nickname, by the way) has paid off his debt with Doc, he’s not ready to let Baby go. Seeing that blood was being spilled thanks to a more volatile heist team on the last job -as well as having to dispose of a body Pulp Fiction-style-, Baby dreams of just leaving this life behind and start a new one with his newfound love interest, Debora (Lily James). Doc pulls some subtle gangster blackmail on Baby, and now he’s back on the driver’s seat, this time with one of the most volatile heist team member he’s ever been with, Bats (Jamie Foxx). It didn’t help that he didn’t like Baby from the get-go. Continue reading

Enzo’s Little Workshop, a.k.a. “The Ferrari Store”

542Ho!  Ho!  Ho!  We’re well into the Christmas shopping season, and maybe we’re wondering what to get the kids.  A little red wagon?  Naw, they’re out of date.  A Little Red Riding Hood doll?  Well, who makes them any more?  So hmmm… what else can we get that’s red…

Well, about a block off of Market Street in San Francisco, on Stockton Street to be exact, is a little place called The Ferrari Store.  No, they don’t have any Dinos, Testarossas, or Magnum, P.I.-style 308s, not even a nice 250 SWB for sale… at least not full-sized ones.  Heck, they don’t even sell spark plugs here. Continue reading