A Big Birthday, So A Big Birthday Present! (Part One)

I tell ya, you know you’re getting old when your insurance company only sends you half a calendar. –Rodney Dangerfield

On January 16, 2017, I turned 60 years old.  Unbelievable.  But hey, there’s always the lesser-desired alternative.  So for this (somewhat) joyous occasion, I am taking an opportunity to buy the car that was my high school Class of 1975 dream car — this 1975 Mustang II Ghia:

mustang-ii-profile Continue reading

Cars 3, a review:

I usually review previously released movies that are cult-classics and/or could use more attention. The reason why I’m writing about this commercially successful new movie is because its franchise has its detractors, and many who don’t have kids will avoid it. Allow me to try to convince them, but in order to do so, I’m going to have to spoil it.

twitter cars 3 crop C6i8CWeVwAEmWXa

Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) has been racing for some time now, long enough to start noticing a change at the starting line: a new generation of racecars that use science, numbers and money to achieve incredible results, spearheaded by prick rookie sensation Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer). Soon, he was the only one left of his type, as others retired from the sport disheartened or just plain fired for not performing accordingly. Not wanting to fade away, Lightning pushes his tires too far. The successive blowout sends him through the air, wrecking him badly.

4 months later, Lightning -fixed but hidden away watching old movies, still in primer- decides that it will be himself that will decide when he’s finished racing, not somebody else, like what happened with his late mentor Doc Hudson (the late Paul Newman, using previously unused voice recordings). But he’ll need a new form of training. Continue reading

2000-2006 Nissan Sentra (B15)

This article was published in CarLustBlog.com on March 11, 2015. Minus some hyperlinks, it’s almost all the same.

Yellow Spec V

Whether out on the street, in magazines or the web, I find that some cars are still the darlings of car enthusiasts.

This one isn’t exactly one of them.

I don’t remember anything about the B15 Nissan Sentra when new. How many of us do? It’s not a car that one counts down the days for an official announcement, its release to the public or something. It did grab my attention when the Need For Speed Underground videogame released its TV commercial. Well, any car shown pulling an automotive equivalent of a werewolf transformation was gonna grab my attention (it would still do today). I ended up getting the game for the PC (which took a good chunk of its capacity and was quite expensive for the time). After passing the game and getting all the cars I actually wanted, I got the Sentra. They didn’t even bother giving it the SE-R/Spec V-specific bodykit (more on those later). Fun car for what it was, videogame-wise. In my mind, if it was good enough to take memory space inside the videogame, it’s gotta be good in real life, right? Continue reading

Adios, Nissan Tsuru

The long-lived Nissan Tsuru’s said to have ceased production as of May 31st. We’re now in June, so let’s pay our respects.

Tsuru ad

Every once in a while, I have to go to Yahoo!’s front page. For reasons that I can’t figure out, it’s the Spanish (read: mostly Mexican) version that appears, regardless how many times I click for the English version (personal preference). Amongst all the sensationalism, face-palm fodder, I-Don’t-Want-To-Live-On-This-Planet-Anymore moments and infuriating click-bait, there is the occasional nugget of news. The demise of the Nissan Tsuru is one of those occasions.

To those in the automotive world, it’s no surprise but still pleasant to read about ancient-by-First World-standards platforms still in production. For years. Decades. They’ve become part of their landscape; sometimes we’re unable to imagine their country’s roads without them. The Mexican Volkswagen Beetle, colloquially nicknamed the Vocho, was such a vehicle, its retirement still resonating in the ears of its fans locally and globally since 2003. Now it’s the turn of the Nissan Tsuru. Continue reading