Hot Rod (1950), a review:

Not long ago, Turner Classic Movies released a batch of movies involving formula race cars, ranging from the ‘20s to the ‘40s. Recently, they’ve released a batch of hot rod-themed films. Let’s take a look. 

Hot Rod opening picYou can almost make out the Ford coupe racer in the background. The best movie poster has a watermark on it, unfortunately.

David Langham (Jimmy Lydon) likes hot rods. His father (Art Baker) doesn’t. But given that he now has a newspaper delivery job, he managed to convince his father in lending him some money to buy a used jalopy. Any thought of motoring moderation would soon disappear when David gets humiliated in front of his crush Janie Evans (Gloria Winters) by his love rival Jack Blodgett (Tommy Bond) when he passes David’s jalopy with his own hot rod as if they were standing still. Soon, the car gets rebuilt inside and out using his buddy Clarence ‘Swifty’ Johnson’s (Gil Stratton) junkyard auto wrecking lot to work on… and the plethora of hot rod parts from all the wrecked hot rods Swifty can get a hold on. Continue reading


1998-2010 Fiat Multipla

This post was originally published on July 1, 2015 at Minus one clarification and grammar correction, it’s all the same.

fiat-multipla-pretty-face-small-97852 cropHi there.

I was waiting at an accountant’s office, so I whipped out my phone proceeded to rot my brain with 9gag, one of those meme-centric websites. And there it was, a reminder of the existence of the infamous Fiat Multipla, in a garish muli-colored/Harlequin-style paint job, and captions stating how ugly it was while trying to be both funny and uplifting at the same time. Due to profanity, I can’t use that pic. Besides, it’s not as if that was the only time 9gag, let alone the Internet, ribbed the Multipla’s looks. Continue reading

The Old LEAF Is Falling

(As Nissan introduces the second-generation LEAF, here’s a reflection on the first one.  This post is from 2011 when I drove the first LEAF at a Nissan event.  Hopefully they will soon preview and promote LEAF #2 the same way.)

028 I love automotive public relations events.  They have nice people, free soft drinks and snacks, and lots of brand new cars to play with.  Does life get any better?

Continue reading

Lamborghini Jalpa

This post was originally published on on December 3, 2014. Dead hyperlinks and a couple of irrelevant sentences have been removed.

1 resize

When did I first learned about the Lamborghini Jalpa? Was it when I saw a pic of it was while perusing through’s Miami Vice page a couple of years ago? Could have been Rocky IV. I truly believe it was in an indoor auto expo. I have photographic evidence and everything on that one.

Despite all the jokes and ribbing that went on in a review, it did give out facts, and one of the most important ones was that this car is rare. About 410/416/420 units rare, depending on who you ask. Continue reading