The Cars of the Golden Boy manga:

golden boy custom title card 85 percent resizeI couldn’t find a manga-specific (and appropriate) title card to my liking, so I whipped this one up.

Golden Boy tells the adventures of Oe Kintaro, a pervert with a heart of gold young man that while he may look like he’s stuck doing dead-end jobs, he’s actually fulfilling his desire to learn as much as possible while crossing the country on his bicycle. A student of life, if you will. Kintaro would pop up, eventually get to work and get really good at it, help out someone in distress –usually a pretty lady- and departs just before his good deed gets acknowledged. Despite his flaws, he’s got what it takes to someday save Japan- no, the world.


Now, the Golden Boy manga is only 10 volumes long (1992-1998) and is not a car-centric series, but what little it has does not disappoint! In author Tatsuya Egawa’s Wikipedia page, it says that gearhead manga artist Kosuke Fujishima was an assistant in the series so I’m convinced that he was responsible for the vehicle side of things. It never ceases to amaze me how much work manga artists have, because Kosuke-sama at the time had his hands full with his on-going Ah! My Goddess series and wrapping up You’re Under Arrest, both featuring wonderful quantities of metal.

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1971 – 1973 Chevy Vega GT Kammback Wagon

Vega GT Wagon

Vega green to use

The Vega GT Kammback wagon example on the left was seen fairly recently…  Somebody in San Francisco (Please note the wheels turned into the curb, per city law) saw the car and must have appreciated its heritage.  And from the overall condition of that car, it looks like a great candidate for restoration. Continue reading