1971 – 1973 Chevy Vega GT Kammback Wagon

Vega GT Wagon

Vega green to use

The Vega GT Kammback wagon example on the left was seen fairly recently…  Somebody in San Francisco (Please note the wheels turned into the curb, per city law) saw the car and must have appreciated its heritage.  And from the overall condition of that car, it looks like a great candidate for restoration. Continue reading


The Best Trucks GM Ever Built (Also known as “The Square Bodies”)

Chevy Truck 1 When the 1973 Chevrolet and GMC half-ton pickups were introduced, they were the first truly streamlined pickup trucks on the market.  And their timing could not have been better… imagine a pickup truck that was designed in a wind tunnel and introduced just in time for the first gas crisis.

What makes these the best trucks GM ever built?  Well, they were breakthrough vehicles–the first, in my opinion, of today’s modern pickups.  No previous truck had combined rugged workability and pleasing creature comforts like this before. Continue reading

A Tale Of Two Bikes, Part 4 of 4

DSC_0674The dead of Winter is no time to buy a new motorcycle.  That is, unless you want a whopping discount.  Like three thousand dollars off, or one-fourth of the sticker price.  So I guess if it’s time to replace the 600, I should get a new one for nearly the same price as the settlement was on the old one.

Maybe this series should have been called “A Tale Of Three Bikes,” instead of Two.  And this new CBR600RR is, of course, the “sportier” of the two since the insurance settlement from the “brothers” will only cover one new bike. Continue reading

A Tale Of Two Bikes, Part 3 of 4

Thursday morning, December 21st, 2017.  Just 4 days before Christmas.  I was walking the dachshunds as usual and saw what looked like a dead animal in the yard, near the road… possibly a large dog or even a small cow.  It was black, with red and white at one end… l was expecting to see some really nasty blood and gore.

As I got closer, I was relieved that it was just a cloth, about the size of a jacket.  Next to it was a battery charger and pry bar.  I looked close at the thing and it said “Honda” in red and white.  Wow, I thought… somebody lost a nice jacket.

A closer look revealed that it was an official Honda motorcycle cover; one just like one of the two that I have.  And in a nanosecond, I realized that it was mine. Continue reading