The Cars of “The Looney Tunes Show” (2011)

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The Looney Tunes Show bannerThe art style evened out as the series progressed.

How many of you were aware that there was new Looney Tunes series? Well, you do now. The half-hour series focuses mostly on Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, as well as those around them. It’s made in a sitcom-y sort of way but it’s rife with little details that eagle-eyed fans of the franchise can appreciate. Taking place in contemporary times, we see that the show’s animators went the extra mile to make it feel as familiar as one can without infringing copyright laws or unashamed product-placement. That includes cars. While many do look generic, there are many more that, as a car person, grabs your attention. The kicker here is how well some of the vehicles are paired with their owners. Continue reading


The Cars of the Golden Boy manga:

golden boy custom title card 85 percent resizeI couldn’t find a manga-specific (and appropriate) title card to my liking, so I whipped this one up.

Golden Boy tells the adventures of Oe Kintaro, a pervert with a heart of gold young man that while he may look like he’s stuck doing dead-end jobs, he’s actually fulfilling his desire to learn as much as possible while crossing the country on his bicycle. A student of life, if you will. Kintaro would pop up, eventually get to work and get really good at it, help out someone in distress –usually a pretty lady- and departs just before his good deed gets acknowledged. Despite his flaws, he’s got what it takes to someday save Japan- no, the world.


Now, the Golden Boy manga is only 10 volumes long (1992-1998) and is not a car-centric series, but what little it has does not disappoint! In author Tatsuya Egawa’s Wikipedia page, it says that gearhead manga artist Kosuke Fujishima was an assistant in the series so I’m convinced that he was responsible for the vehicle side of things. It never ceases to amaze me how much work manga artists have, because Kosuke-sama at the time had his hands full with his on-going Ah! My Goddess series and wrapping up You’re Under Arrest, both featuring wonderful quantities of metal.

More about the manga later. First, cars… Continue reading

The Cars of Miami Vice


There was a TV show that I really couldn’t wait to see when I got home from school. I’ve seen it before when I was a little boy, but upon rediscovery, I couldn’t resist. It had a few years on it, but it was a classic, and that show was… The A-Team. I was aware of Miami Vice, being the show that came before The A-Team. It’s a police drama with a group of Miami’s Vice division as the main characters, usually taking place in 1980s Miami, Florida. But with the little scenes that I caught back then I could tell that it was too much for me at the time. Too real. Even if I were to watch it back then I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate it as I would now. It was only a matter of time, because if it wasn’t for the cars, it would’ve been the music. All of it. I wish there was a box set of all the tracks used; from Jan Hammer’s/John Petersen’s/Tim Truman’s most obscure background mood music track (except the Jack of All Trades episode, those sucked), to all other tracks ranging from Afrika Bambaataa to P Machinery to ZZ Top. Until then, let’s talk about the cars… Continue reading

The Fast and the Furious (1955), a review:


Final warning: if you’re looking for a review on any of the Fast & Furious movies, leave now. We’re gonna review the cult classic who lent its name to that over-the-top franchise.

Frank Webster (John Ireland) is a wanted man. He’s being accused of running a trucker off the road. At a roadside diner, a trucker asks one too many questions and quickly deduces who Frank is. Frank knocks him out and takes Connie (Dorothy Malone) hostage as well as her sports car. Naturally, Connie puts up a fight and attempts at running away every moment she can. Frank’s goal: reach Mexico. With cops patrolling the area, and with them waiting for the truck driver to come around for a full description, Frank opts to do what Connie was planning on doing with her Jaguar sports car: enter a race that crosses into Mexico. Continue reading

Santa’s Got Some Help This Year…

2017 was a tough year, wasn’t it? That’s why Santa needed some help to spread all that much-needed Christmas cheer around! MR-6253-101530-26 edit

If these four are what Santa is counting on, I can’t imagine what the Three Kings have as a helping hand!

From us over here at ItRolls, we wish you all Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!





Mazinger Angels manga (highly recommended) pic: