The 1966 Batmobile (In Loving Memory of Adam West)

For those of us of a certain age, there is only one Batman.  He was portrayed on early color television and in a 1966 movie by Adam West ( born William West Anderson), who just left us.  And also for us “vintage” Bat-fans, there is just one Batmobile, and this is it:

Batman (As Millionaire Bruce Wayne):  “Quick, to the Batpoles!”  Whoosh!  Dick Grayson (As Robin, in the car):  “Atomic batteries to power… turbines to speed.”  The hidden cave door drops, a sign falls, revealing it’s 14 miles to Gotham City.  “Da da da da da da da da da… ‘BATMAN’!

Bat mobile There have been “Batman” cartoons and comic books and TV shows and movies, but the one vehicle that carried the Dynamic Duo and won the popularity vote is George Barris‘ 1966 TV Batmobile.  Originally a car show concept car, a 1955 Lincoln Futura was the donor vehicle for the Batmobile.  And how much did Mr. Barris pay for the Futura?  Try just one Bat-dollar! Continue reading

The James Bond Cars (In Loving Memory of Sir Roger Moore)

Bond Cars 12 18 08 030We’ve all wanted cars we can’t have… but how about wanting cars that don’t exist?  Well, OK, maybe some of these do, but when is the last time you operated an oil slick or machine gun from your driver’s seat?  Had pontoon skis pop out of your rocker panels?  Have you ever said, “Can you swim?” then driven off the end of a dock?  Lost an unwanted passenger via an ejector seat?  Of course you and I haven’t, but we all know somebody that has, with vehicles that feature all of these “usual refinements” and more, and he’s been around for quite some time now. Continue reading